Crop 4 the Cure 2019

Crop 4 the Cure 2018

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Crop 4 the Cure Agenda- TENATIVE

Note: this is a tenative agenda and is subject to change.  Note: all games and activities are optional, if you just want to get those projects complete, no problem at all!!!

Please visit our vendors anytime during the event for techniques, advice and to purchase your supplies.


6:00   Participants Arrival and get settled in for 22 hours of FUN!!!!

Help yourself to sweets and beverages throughout the event

over by the kitchen


* Please, at some point prior to midnight come to the Crop Table

(back of room) to submit your donations, those coming on

Saturday if you can have your donations to us by 11:00am that

would be great*


7:00          Words to Welcome our Amazing Participants

7:30          Activity #1

9:00          Snack is served

10:00         Activity #2

11:00         Chocolate Bar Bingo



1:00 am     Activity #3

3:00 am     10 Hour Stretch

6:00 am     Putting Contest

7:00 am     Breakfast is served

9:30 am     Activity #4

10:30am    Creative Memories

11:00am  Chocolate Bar Bingo

12:30         LUNCH  Donated by Plum Catering

          Take Group Photo

2:00          Silent Auction Closes

2:30          Raffle

3:00          Please Settle Up with Vendors

4:00          Final Thank you and Bid Farewell until Next year